TT Ultra is now available

Bit Loopy has now released its first educational app – TT Ultra – with the aim of giving children a new way to practise and learn their times-tables.

Like many people we have primary school age children in need of a new way to improve speed and accuracy with times tables. So, we thought it would be a great idea to create an app which is a little more fun and a novel way of helping children achieve their goals.

For the children it gives them a multiple-choice answer to the question being asked and a race based game to give them an incentive to answer quickly and accurately. If they get the answer correct their ship gets a speed boost, get it wrong and it stops. Importantly, it also shows the correct answer so they can learn from their mistakes.

We also understand how much parents need to be kept-in-the-loop and so our app automatically provides information on how your child is progressing. Storing results on the device and showing you how they are improving with a progress graph.

The app is free to download from Apple’s App Store and comes with a number of free tables. You can practise any one or combination of multiple times tables plus purchase upgrades. The upgrades give you access to all the tables from 1x – 12x, add additional question types such as division, missing place and reversed, plus add support for multiple players, each with their own progress data stored locally. The upgrades gives parents more information too in the form of extra progress graphs showing different ways of seeing how their children are getting on.

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