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TT Ultra is as much about letting parents see how their children are doing as it is about helping children to improve their times tables. It was a primary design goal that parents would get at least one graph to see their children’s progress, even in the free version of the app.

This overall graph line is built up from multiple sources: the number of questions answered; the speed of answering the questions and how many your child gets correct. This way it can show improvements in one or more of these areas with a simple, single line that shows daily results for the last four weeks.

Parents who choose to purchase an upgrade also get access to one or more additional graphs. Essentially these show more information about each of the elements that make up the overall graph and allow you to ‘drill down’ to where improvement is needed.

The speed screen shows three lines which are your child’s progress in how quickly they answer the questions. It shows the fastest answer, the slowest and the average for all questions on a given day. The ideal would be three nice close lines towards the top of the graph.

The accuracy graph again shows three lines. This time they represent the percentage of correct, incorrect and skipped questions for a given day. With this graph, children who are improving on their selected tables would have a high green correct line with both the other lines dipping towards the bottom. Whereas a high skip line may mean your child is opting to skip certain questions they find difficult.

The final answered graph is a simple line showing how many questions your son or daughter is getting correct. In effect it shows two things, firstly how much your child is practising each day and how many they are getting correct. The latter can be determined more accurately by also looking at the lines in the accuracy graph.

Purchasers of the multiple players option benefit from seeing these graphs for each child. Simply select the child’s player slot before starting a game and the app will log the data for each sibling separately. This way, the graphs will show results for just that player and to see a different child, simply change to them in the player screen. When returning to the various graphs you’ll see how that child is progressing.

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