Practising efficiently

Practise what you don’t know, not what you do.

One of our developers came across this quote while learning to play the guitar and thought it was a good way of expressing efficiency in learning. However, while it is great quote, we felt it slightly missed the mark. After all, if you don’t occasionally practise what you’ve learned (refresh your skills) then they will eventually become dulled. Additionally, learning isn’t black and white, there are shade of grey. Somethings you know, some partly and other things are new or you’ve not got the hang of them yet. So, we thought we’d use a slightly different phrase…

Practise what you don’t know more than what you do.

We then spent some time developing the idea and now have a system in TTUltra that is capable of learning what parts of the selected tables most need to be practised at any point in time. The process does not require any additional work from the parents and the children simply need to answer the times tables questions. The program does all the work and automatically figures out which times tables need improvement, adapting the questions so they practise more effectively.

Of course, there wouldn’t be much point if the app didn’t give them the right answer to learn from. So, if you get a question wrong in TTUltra it always shows the correct answer and gives your child a little time to take that answer in. Next time they should, hopefully, get the question right and be rewarded with a boost towards the planet for their ship.

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