Coming up for air

We’ve been deep in Unreal Engine development for over 18 months now. It’s been an interesting and rewarding period. Unreal Engine 5 is such a deep platform that understanding and leveraging its power takes time.

We’ve discovered eye opening features, empowering functionality and frustrating blockages (the documentation could be better), but ultimately, our time has been hugely productive.

A major upside is that Unreal includes a lot of library code we previously needed to implement ourselves. The previous version of the game was built on tens of thousands of lines of specialist code, but we’ve only needed to convert a small fraction of these to Unreal.

Despite all the code on the old platform, we had to abandon the project. We simply had too many serious and insurmountable issues. So, having a new game under Unreal Engine, that works and was completed with relative ease, is proof that it’s the right toolset for us. It’s also immensely gratifying that the game has become possible.

The basic game is largely feature complete and runs really well on both iPhone and iPad. There’s plenty to add but we do have a number of working levels, have returned features we’d previously had to drop and also added some completely new gameplay ideas.

Progress should be more rapid now and we hope to reveal footage of the game play closer to release day. In the meantime, thanks for your continued support and interest.

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