Why multiple choice?

When we released TTUltra we had made a deliberate decision to use multiple choice answers. Many time table apps use a keypad to enter the answer and initially TTUltra did the same. However, we felt that it was not the best solution because the actual entering of the number can cause problems. This is particularlyContinue reading “Why multiple choice?”

Avoiding repeats

One of the banes of randomness on a computer is that it’s not really random. Instead, it’s a mathematical pseudo-random formula and, with small sets of options (such as one or two times tables), it can repeat the “random” choice two or even three times in a row. The only computer we know of thatContinue reading “Avoiding repeats”


TTUltra has received a reviewed from Garry Froehlich on the App Friday blog at Moms With Apps. Moms With Apps has been posting since 2010 and it’s great to get a mention from such a long standing blog.

Practising efficiently

Practise what you don’t know, not what you do. One of our developers came across this quote while learning to play the guitar and thought it was a good way of expressing efficiency in learning. However, while it is great quote, we felt it slightly missed the mark. After all, if you don’t occasionally practiseContinue reading “Practising efficiently”

Learn the way you want to

The free version of TT Ultra comes with a starter pack of times tables unlocked and with most of them selected. However, you don’t have to stick with that. You can focus on one or two tables or add variety by selecting all of them. If your child’s homework says to practise the 2 timesContinue reading “Learn the way you want to”